My name is Camille Jones, and this is a record of my adventures, both mundane and fantastic, as well as a rapidly evolving venue for creativity and a log of my thoughts and inspirations.

I love reading, traveling, organizing, creativity, art, ballet, and many other things I’ll mention. This is a personal experience blog that includes many things including travel, life, quotes, literature, art, cooking, creation, organization, design, Italian restaurants, language, and musings. If we have anything in common at all, you’ll find me fascinating.

Here’s where I’ve been (the actual destinations, not just places I’ve passed through), all within the past two decades:

All over Georgia including three or four Barrier Islands

Florida, quite a lot

New Orleans, Louisiana

Ocean Springs, Mississippi

Dallas, Texas

New York City, New York

San Francisco, California

Highlands, North Carolina

Raleigh, North Carolina

Monteagle, Tennessee

Now for the countries…





Italy again

Vatican City

The Netherlands


France again



All of this traveling, not to mention the extensive mental traveling I did throughout my childhood, as I was one of those kids where you think “That book might actually be glued to her hand,” has led me to be very interested in Europe and to love art, traveling in general, books, literature, words, writing, self-expression, dance, the Renaissance, the Baroque Period of art, etc. My passions are varied, but they all follow a similar vein in the way that they stem from the need for beauty (spiritual, and thus, by extension, environmental) and meaning in our lives.


I post as often a possible, and you’ll never have to wait more than a week for the next one.

All pictures posted were taken by me.


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