San Francisco

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Most of the things I’ve posted so far have been from my trip to rural France, Austria, and Hungary last summer, but I went to San Francisco for the first time over last spring (for my dad’s birthday), and I figured it was time to compile some things about that weekend-long trip. I’ve been many places abroad and explored quite a bit near Atlanta where I live and generally on the eastern part of the U.S., but I had never been to California before. I could never have predicted how much I love it. You’ll notice that I liked the eclectic, vintage-ish window displays I ran across and was smitten with an amazing ice-cream shop called Smitten.

Here’s a list of all of the other amazing places I ate, because while I spotted a bunch of visually interesting things and loved taking pictures of them as expected, this trip also awaked the hidden foodie in me. I have always been the single most picky eater everyone I have ever met has ever met (I still only eat one fruit, apples, specifically Fugi and Honeycrisp at that, and one vegetable, carrots, usually organic), but my weekend in San Francisco awakened my hitherto undiscovered interest in good food. It was, in all seriousness, quite solidly the greatest food weekend of my life.

The Contributors to That Experience:

The Grind Cafe (783 Haight Street) We ate here right after we got off the plane, and at the time I thought it was the best lunch I’d had in a very long time. I admit we also ate there for lunch the day we left and it wasn’t quite so notable, so we might have been clouded by hunger and jetlag the first day, or dulled by days of good food the last day. Still very eclectic, affordable, and satisfying- definitely worth stopping by.

Smitten Ice Cream (432 Octavia Street at Linden) Seriously stop by, I became obsessed. They change the flavors weekly I believe, which was sad because we were only there for a weekend. I had the Tcho chocolate, and they make each scoop individually in sixty seconds in a special machine called Kelvin, invented by the founder, with only the most basic, important ingredients, no preservatives.

Nobb Hill Cafe (Didn’t get a card, so no address) Good Italian food, I liked the bread. You’ll notice that I only eat Italian food. A tad cheaper than Venticello.

Venticello Ristorante (1257 Taylor at Washington) Ok. I have been to Italy two times, and we hardly ever went anywhere remotely touristy while there, and I pretty much only eat Italian food, and still I am telling you that this place has truly fabulous Italian food. Seriously eat here. Probably a tad expensive-ish, but worth it, especially for something important. I was super adventurous for me and got spaghetti carbonara, which I absolutely devoured. Sometimes I try to be ladylike, but all I thought about was how amazing this dish was, and when I finished I looked up to find my family staring at me. Mini-rant over. Very very good bread too.

Ferry Building Marketplace (One Ferry Building) If you only go to one of these places, go here. It’s incredibly fun to explore and everything we ran across was delicious. We went for breakfast, and getting there before it was absolutely swarmed worked out nicely. Specifically liked Hayes Street Grill, which had a tent at the market but also has a place at 320 Hayes Street

Allegro Romano (1701 Jones Street) Good Italian food, feels very authentic and local. Also the street shares my last name, so that’s clearly very important. I think by default I’m going to end up being a specialist in regard to Italian restaurants.

On the whole, I recommend San Francisco, especially for progressive people, foodies, the artistic, and anyone that’s a visual person like me.

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  1. Another tidbit about that first photo (of the Hermes window): I was so excited to see that because last year I had emailed the artist that was commissioned to do the horses in order to compliment her work, and she was very kind and replied to me!

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